Assembly Instructions


It is important to consult your doctor or health professional before undertaking any exercise program.

Not suitable for use by children

Use suitable chair

Sittingym is suitable for most chairs including office chairs and stools.
Flat area required for attachment found on most chairs – 21cm x 7.5cm
(A4 sheet folded twice)

Do not use folding chairs under any circumstances.


TRIAL FIT and adjust rail ends as close to chair edge as possible, no more than 3 fingers width inside seat edge.
DO NOT REMOVE backing papers at this stage.

Check that under surface of chair is clean and free of debris.
Once aligned remove backing papers from touch fasteners and press down firmly for 30 seconds.
Use support adapter where required.

Maximum under-seat width 60 cms (2 lengths of A4).
Assembly on chair underside should have a second person to support the chair.

Handles assembly

Fix tubing securely to handle.

Pass free end under and over bar through loop then pull tight.

Clip on optional timer reminder to bottom of handle.

Attach handles to mounting bracket

Pass tube through as many holes as possible on bracket to secure.

  1. Thread through top side hole
  2. Back through slot and into hole under
  3. Back through hole below
  4. Up and through slot, between metal and tube
  5. Pull tight

Finish by winding tube twice around itself between metal and tube.

Attaching strap and tube

Extension tubing and strap are easily wound around and stored on handle. The free end attached at rear (*) of handle.

Loop and secure strap for additional exercises.

Adaptor for fabric undersides

Enter a loop of elastic into hole.

Pull apart and fit onto the most parallel sides of the chair. Using swivel end to get maximum contact.

Connect to other end.

Slotted foot on bracket goes over elastic where required.

Align sides for maximum contact with chair sides.

Stretch adaptor and snap fit over PARALLEL section of under – chair sides.

Fix bracket on to Adapter using touch fasteners.

For a lighter resistance experience, leave handles dangling by an extra length of tubing.

For a heavier experience, increase repetitions.

Do not lift handles above chest height.

Do not use on fine or antique chairs.  

Do not use any style of folding chairs.

Beware latex allergy – unless marked latex free.