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Chair-Based Exercises

When Sittingym was barely a concept in the inventors’ mind, we researched in-home exercising equipment.  Specifically, we examined equipment would keep seniors’ physically active with the least amount of impact of their joints.  Multiple experts have written about benefits of in-home exercises however, it seems that appropriate devices were not been created until now. The […]


Sitting is the New Smoking

Kyle Pearce wrote an interesting article www.diygenuis.com on 10th February 2013.  Does this sound familiar? ‘Maybe sitting all day at my desk job on the computer isn’t such a great deal after all.  I can still remember as a child how much I disliked having to sit at a desk for hours at a time.  […]


Chair Exercising for Seniors

SE Health produces an online magazine, Elizz, which a recent article from their editors promoted chair exercising.  The following points are from the article. ‘Just as it’s important for any person to stay physically active for health, it’s vital to maintain a level of fitness as we age. Physical activity — including strength training and stretching exercises […]