Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is Sittingym® easy to put together?

A. YES. Sittingym ®is easy to install
Please read and follow the user instruction leaflets and videos prior to using Sittingym®.
Simply attach handles ‘Size it ‘and ‘ stick it’ on.

Q. Are all chairs suitable for Sittingym® equipment?

A. The majority of chairs are suitable. A suitable chair has a flat area on its underside and no more than 10 cm side structure under the seat. The position to attach Sittingym® may vary from chair to chair.

Do NOT fit Sittingym® to antique or finely crafted chairs. Sittingym is not for folding chairs.

Q. Can I get the elastic tubing in different colours and resistances?

A. The elastic tubing is generally black but may vary in colour. However, all elastic tubing are approximately the same resistance and size.

Q. What recommended normal usage of the Sittingym?

A. Sittingym® is designed for high repetition – low load exercise in order to tone muscle without’ bulking up.’ Its recommended usage is 2 or more sessions at 2–3 minutes each per day. An Exercise Instruction booklet listing exercise variations to tone-up arms, legs, abs, and incorporate light cardio is included with the equipment.

Q. What should a person need to consider when using the Sittingym®?

A. Sittingym® is not designed for use by children. Adults benefit by using Sittingym as part of their wellness program. If the user has any health concerns, please contact your health provider before exercising on Sittingym.®Always ensure the Sittingym® setup is correct, follow the instructions provided. Do not lift elastics above chest height.

Q. What is Sittingym’s Return Policy?

A. Click this link to Return Policy.

Q. What is the Warranty?

A. Click this link for warranty

Q. What if there are breakages or I am missing parts or have any questions regarding Sittingym?

A. Please email us at Expect our response within 48 hours. To resolve your issue as promptly as possible, give us as many details as you are able. For information Click this link to Sittingym Warranty