Is a very safe, piece of equipment?

For your peace of mind we ask you to consider the points raised below that might be specific to your own circumstances.

  1. Potential latex allergy
  2. Not suitable to be used by children
  3. Potential light scuffing, to underside edge  of chair upon which it is fitted.
  4. Care to be taken within a child environment
  5. Fragile skin on user’s legs.

Design mitigation

The hanging elements are flexible and can be moved.  If the elastic is pulled, it will retract away from the puller.

If the elastic attached to the main handle breaks or is accidentally released, the elastic will recoil towards

and finally rest under the chair.

The released elastic will be not be directed at the user.

If the elastic breaks at the chair, then the elastic will retract up and into the handle –away from the user.

The handle ‘grasp’ design, used correctly, will reduce likelihood of accidental release due to finger weaknesses.

The strap is 38 mm wide strap to reduce point pressure on leg skin.

The Adaptor has protective rubber sheathing fitted  at the adaptor  end contact plates.

Robust validation tests have been performed using various breakage scenarios.