Kyle Pearce wrote an interesting article on 10th February 2013.  Does this sound familiar?

‘Maybe sitting all day at my desk job on the computer isn’t such a great deal after all.  I can still remember as a child how much I disliked having to sit at a desk for hours at a time.  Now, scientific research is confirming what most children already know, sitting in a chair all day is a bad idea.

New research is now finding that this sedentary lifestyle is contrary to our biological needs and destructive to our overall well-being. The human body has evolved to is biologically designed to be mobile, not sedentary. In Silicon Valley and across the developed world, sitting is rapidly becoming the new smoking. ’

Many people agree Mr. Pearce’s thought process.  What can we do about falling into this situation?  Incorporate Sittingym exercises into your daily routine.   Get into the habit of doing your Sittingym exercises.  

For instance, link the exercises doing them to some everyday activities – for example, when you are making a cup of tea, to help you remember, after that teas and biscuit, use the Sittingym for 5 minutes.   Remember to do your second set of exercises about 30 minutes later.

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